Everything starts in 1802, when Charles Gonet creates his own champagne house. For many years, the house is going to grow under the name « Gonet and sons ». 


More than half a century later, in 1935, Michel Gonet was born. Seen as a miraculously saved during the labour, he couldn’t drink anything due to a dysphasia (blocked oesophagus). 

That is thanks to a sip of champagne that we will be able to breath… he will say later « the champagne saved my life ». It is the beginning of a true passion for wine. 

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As the firstborn, Michel leaves the familial estate to let some space for his brothers. He moves in few kilometers further with his wife Annie, when he builds a new cellar. 

He won’t stop improving the quality of his work in the wine and the cellar for years. His only goal is to recreate pure and environmentally aware champagnes.  

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Then, in 1986, he felt in love with the bordeaux region, where, supported by his 3 children : Sophie, Charles-Henri and Frédéric, he will use all the savoir-faire he learned with Champagne. Today, they are the ones taking up the torch in Champagne and Bordeaux. 


After the right bank, the family started to get interested in the left bank, first Charles-Henri with the Château Haut-Bacalan, then Frédéric with the Château d’Eck.

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The Château Haut-Brana joins the Michel Gonet vineyards. Little gem of the appellation Pessac-Léognan, it is surrounded by the vine of the Château Pape Clément.