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Villa Signolle, dreams & bubbles

At Champagne Michel Gonet, we offer you the opportunity to stay for a peaceful or sparkling night in one the 5 rooms of our mansion guest house with a view over the Avenue de Champagne or the surrounding historical vineyards.

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Your stay will include breakfast, a visit of our cellars at Avize ending with a tasting and the view of Epernay and the vineyards nearby from a captive balloon. 

Our rooms, inside the shop-hotel in Epernay, are just like Sophie ; all unique and personalized, a blending of charm and history of the family, letting us discover the members of the Gonet family who contributed to the development, the personality, and the reputation of the Michel Gonet house. 

You can also pick a book in our library in case the weather doesn’t want to play its part. There are books about the Champagne area, about wine, brochures… you name it!

We would be pleased to welcome you and to guide you while you learn everything that is to learn about the Champagne area and the wine. 


A little extra? 

This space is free-to-go, and can allow you to take a tea, a coffee, or a fresh drink, even champagne, in order to refresh or warm yourself up at any time. 

We will be glad to welcome you and guide you in your discovery of the Champagne region. 


37 Avenue de Champagne


Tel: +33 (0)3 26 54 39 29


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