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Feeling the soil, touching the vine, tasting the grape… being a wine-grower is a job of feeling, emotions and passion. 

A farming job, in which you depend of the elements ; being patient, humble and having a strength of conviction are essentials qualities for success. 

« The soil does not belong to the man, the man belongs to the soil » : For 7 generations, we are doing our best to follow those guidelines in order to produce quality wines which are respectful of the environment. 

Beyond the terroir, our work is being pushed by the curiosity but also an adventurer mind. 

Each in their own way, Sophie, Charles-Henri and Frederic were able to develop their palate and feed their curiosity with various trips and experiences in other wine growing regions in France and in the world, in order to learn from everyone and improve their own creation. 

That is how they consider their terroirs : like an entire country, with its own specificities. They studied it until they were able to adapt their way to approach each of them, and treat them differently depending on their particularities. All of it is an happy blending of savoir-faire and adventure which allows us to reach and exploit the best characteristics of our terroirs in our different wines. 

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